Drew Hagenhoff

   Born and raised in Springfield, Missouri I have always had the pleasure of calling the Queen City home wherever I happened to find myself. Starting at a young age, I was fortunate enough to play various sports; but once high school began, those quickly dwindled to running centric sports such as track and cross-country.
    After high school, I found my way into the Marine Corps.  True to their reputation, physical fitness was an important aspect of Marine Corps life. The physical fitness test was even considered in you eligibility for promotion. It was thanks to the Marines that I found CrossFit. While playing in the sandbox, one of my highers decided it would be fun to try this new workout his wife had been doing. When we returned stateside, I found a box and started drinking the “kool-aide.”
    When similar style workouts started showing their face at schools I attended; I started looking into learning the CrossFit methodology. I pursued, and received, my Level 1 in October of 2010.
    It’s hard to describe how CrossFit has enriched my life, but through coaching; I am hoping that I am able to help pay it forward by helping others achieve their goals as best I can.
Coaching Background
-       Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor
-       Remedial PFT / Body Composition Company Mentor
-       CrossFit Lvl 2 Trainer
-       CrossFit Endurance Trainer
-       CrossFit Advanced Weightlifting Trainer
-       USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach


CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource






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