Andy Cross

I am originally from California but was raised in the great state of Missouri.  I have two wonderful and beautiful daughters.  My daughters are my life!  I have always enjoyed sports playing baseball, soccer and football as a kid and then focusing on soccer through high school.  I stayed in shape after high school and joined the Army in 2005.  My fitness at that point included running, push-ups and sit-ups to make sure that I stayed in shape for the Army PT test.  I first tried Crossfit in 2011 as a way to get ready for a military school I was preparing for.  It worked so well that I stayed with it ever since because it keeps me in shape for whatever mission I might find myself facing in my military career or civilian job.  I completed my CF-Level 1 in July of 2015 and have a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals whether that is being a competitor, getting into shape for health reasons, being able to enjoy a more active lifestyle, or be a stronger, faster and harder to kill military/law enforcement type.


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